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Doing Business in EuropeLecture 1 (Introduction)

Past Courses

Spring 2020

Political EconomyLecture 1 (Introduction)Lecture 2 (Institutions)Lecture 3 (Institutions)

Lecture 4 (Electoral malpractices)Lecture 5 (Inequality)Lecture 6 (Discrimination and social capital)

Introduction to Economic AnalysisLecture 1 (Introduction)Lecture 2 (Demand and Supply)Lecture 3 (Elasticity and Surplus)

Lecture 4 (Government intervention)Lecture 5 (Externalities and the firm)Lecture 5, cont. (Public Goods)

Lecture 6 (Monopoly, Oligopoly, Game Theory)

Fall 2018

Behavioral EconomicsSyllabusProblem Set 1Problem Set 2 (part A)Problem Set 2 (part B)

Quantitative ReasoningCANVAS page

Spring 2018

Principles of EconomicsSyllabus

Fall 2017

Behavioral Economics

Quantitative Reasoning

Spring 2016

Intermediate Econometrics(Spring 2016 syllabus)

Introduction to Matrix Algebra Introduction to Linear Regression Notes on Least Squares Unbiased estimator of σ2

Law of Iterated Expectations Non-linearities Omitted Variable Bias

Notes on Instrumental Variables

Principles of Economics

Behavioral Economics

Capstone Economics Seminar

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