(2017) The Effects of District Magnitude on Voting Behavior (with Simon Hix and Rafael Hortala-Vallve), The Journal of Politics.
[pdf] [Abstract] [Supplementary materials] [Replication files]

(2016) Do Citizens Vote for Parties, Policies or the Expected Winner in Proportional Representation Systems?, Party Politics. [pdf] [Abstract]

(2015) Bandwagon or Strategic Voting in Israel? Note on Bargsted Kedar (2009), Electoral Studies. [pdf] [Abstract]
I would like to show my gratitude to Matias Bargsted and Orit Kedar for gently sharing their code with me. Click here to read the original Bargsted Kedar (2009)

Working Papers

Placebo Statements in List Experiments (with Kai Ostwald) [Revise and Resubmit at Political Science Research and Methods]
Paper Abstract

Voting Behavior under Doubts of Ballot Secrecy (with Kai Ostwald) [submitted]
Paper Abstract Supplementary Materials

What Determines Preferences for an Electoral System? Evidence from a Binding Referendum (with Steven Stillman and Geua Boe-Gibson) [submitted]
Paper Abstract Supplementary Materials

The Swing Voter's Curse in Proportional Representation Systems (Evidence from Multiple Elections)
Paper Abstract

Work in Progress

Fair-Weather Friends? Household Social Networks and Disaster Relief Aid (with Cesi Cruz)

Social Trust: Is it the Ethnicity or the Passport what Matters? Evidence from Singapore (with Kai Ostwald) Abstract

Voting Not to Tell Others Abstract

Maori in New Zealand: Voting With their Feet? Paper Abstract

How Economic Conditions Can Change Cultural Institutions: Eating Habits pre- and post- Civil War in Spain

The Effects of Urban Spaces on Social and Political Attitudes (with Kai Ostwald)

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