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The Big Bang Theory ⇒ In this episode they mention economics! (positional goods)


In my spare time I like hiking, swimming and playing and watching as much soccer as possible. This is my all time favorite team: F.C.Barcelona. Boca Juniors, Torino and West Ham are legendary teams too.

I also probably too much time reading fiction too. The Millenium Trilogy and Harry Potter are books I would happily read over and over. If you like adventures, try As Far as My Feet Will Carry Me, by Josef Martin Bauer. It tells the real story of a German prisoner who escaped from the Siberian mines in the far east right after the 2ww and managed to get to Iran with no other carraige than his own feet.

This is a movie everyone should watch, especially if you like good card games like the one in this scene.


I am a big fan of all sorts of food - here a few tips on places I know well.

BARCELONA ⇒ Click here if you want to know where to eat in Barcelona and not be ripped off like any other tourist (Note: and English NOT spoken, i.e. definitely a typical place!).

BOSTON ⇒ Click the following for great affordable places: Genki YA (Sushi), Tasca (Tapas Bar) -they have Estrella, our beloved Catalan beer- or Great Taste (Dim Sum)

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